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Robert Parker's 100 point Wines

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I find the 100 point rating system fascinating on a number of levels. Most fascinating of all is the degree to which it effects those wines that receive very high scores. Even more fascinating is the degree to which a wine that receives the elusive 100 point rating is helped. Much more fascinating is the degree to which a 100 point Robert Parker rating helps a wine. Quite simply, a 100 point rating from Robert Parker(R.P.) guarantees a wine not only sells out, but sells out at an extraordinarily rapid pace.With this in mind, I thought I`d take a look at this breed of wine. It appears that Mr. Parker has bestowed 100 points on a total of 224 wines.

Origin of 100 point Parker wines

The region which has produced the most 100 point R.P. wines is the Rhone Valley in France with 69 such wines. Bordeaux is second with 53 wines, followed closely by California. Interestingly Champagne has produced a total of zero 100 point wines. Champagne is accompanied in that distinction by Oregon, New York, Chile, New Zealand, Argentina and Austria.

Current maturity level of 100 point Parker wines

R.P. gives a range of years during which a wine will be drinking at its best. Depending on how deep a wine is into his range or how far outside the range it currently falls based on its age, Mr. Parker will describe that condition with a simple word.
Of the 224 wines that have received 100 point scores, currently they are at this level of maturity:

Young.....31 wines
Early........89 wines
Mature.....28 wines
Late........12 wines
No maturity given...48 wines

Colour of wines

white/dessert: 28 wines
red: 196 wines

Vocabulary associated with 100 point Parker wines

Of course no 100 point rating is complete without a description of the wine. Parker`s descriptions of 100 point wines tends to be elaborate and complete in every way. What was interesting, however was to look at the frequency with which particular descriptive words were used in reviews of 100 point wines. `Rich` is the descriptive word that appears to show up most often in a wine that receives 100 points form R.P. 101 f these wines have this word in the review.

Other interesting tidbits

Oldest wine: 1811 (d`Yquem)
Least expensive wine(listed price): $59.00-1995 Chateau la Graviere Tirecul Vendange Tardive cuvee Madame
Most expencive wine(listed price): $57,666-1811 Chateau d`Yquem
Winery with most wines rated 100: Chapoutier (13)
Wine rated 100 points most often: Guigal Cote Rotie la Mouline (9 different vintages)
Vintage with most 100 point wines: 2007 (27 wines)

by Tom Wark

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  1. Interesting article..

    Small extension, for me important:
    The Parker points are not equals Parker points.. Why?

    In different countries different people works for Wine Advocate, and practically all this people give Parker points. The problem is that this people have relative different scales:

    For Spain: Jay Miller, very easy gives over 90 points, and much more..

    For, Champagne and Italia: Antonio Galloni, much more conservative then Miller, rarely over 97 points.. Never given 100 points!!

    David Schildknecht, Germany, Austria, Elsass, Languedoc-Roussillon and Burgund – most reserved of all, very, very rarely gives 100 points.

    Parker itself Bordeaux mostly, sometimes also very generous, similar like J.Miller.

    Two great Vintage 2005 in Burgund and Bordeaux 2009 can be compared: Schildknecht gave 2 Wines 100 points, and Parker gave 22 Wines in Bordeaux 2009, 100 points!!!

    From these reasons there so much people in Germany, Italy, also in France who are unhappy with Parker…

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  3. Thanks for the comment, I`m familiar with that fact and I cannot agree more. It`s absolutely not fair. But at the same time I don`t see the solution of the problem, it`s not enough just to say `yo people just believe your own palate and don`t listen to those guys` that`s simply not enough.